what in gods good graces is this

this is a silly little random number generator that assigns you a kin because i think it is very funny. i started making it in unity while my internet was out for a couple weeks. except i do not know how to use unity, so i made it in javascript instead.

why is your code so rancid

i do not know how to use javascript either.

this is too slow! is there any way to make it go faster?

if this is about the images loading, i've tried preloading them but i don't know how to get it to work right. if this is about clicking the button, if you're on desktop you can click the button once and then hold the enter key. sorry mobile users :(
BE CAREFUL if you use the holding enter method. this can cause the images to flash very rapidly, so take caution if you have photo sensitivity issues.

how do i unlock this kin?

keep generating kins, you might get it eventually. i dont know some of them are really dumb. if you get frustrated, your progress should save so take a break and come back later. also, your endings should save even if you reset. (unless youve gotten all of them, in which case the endings will clear too)

no REALLY, how do i unlock this kin???

if you've REALLY given up, you can always try to decipher the riddle of the sphynx ((my rancid javascript))

can i use a picture from the generator as an icon?

as long as you credit me!

can i use one of the backgrounds?

ya go crazy (credit me)

will you add this character?

maybe, but im not taking suggestions right now. i only like to add characters i have at least a little familiarity with.

will you add this feature?

maybe! im always open to feedback and feature suggestions. im particularly looking for a good way to make things easier for mobile users

i found a bug somehow!

let me know on tumblr! i don't check twitter anymore

update log

Cursed Kin Generator V3: "Clowning Around" full release >:)

live testing teehee i hope nobody saw this cuz its not done yet lol!

update log started lmfao